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Inconsistent Triggering on FD8 Hi-Hat Pedal

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  • Inconsistent Triggering on FD8 Hi-Hat Pedal

    Help Please !

    I have an FD 8 Hi-Hat control pedal which is connected through a Roland TD8 module, I have undertaken the felt pad modification and the lubrication of the electrical strip and rubber hammer, it has made the volume a little better but still not what I think it should be, but the other problem is that I get inconsistent triggering, sometimes it seems to work with little downward force and other times it requires stamping on.

    Anyone got any ideas on further modifications which may improve what can only be described as a very poor quality product from Roland.

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    Same issues

    I dont have an answer but I can relate to your problem. I have the exact same setup and the foot closed sound is very inconsistant. Somtimes just shaking your left foot a little will produce a sound like your slamming the hi hats closed and while playing a groove on the ride with your foot on the hats they will sound involuntarily. I have tried the mods and I also keep the pedal well lubricated. I've even concidered buying an older foot controller and trying it but would hate to spend money and find the problem continues. I love the td8 but this is a very annoying problem, any help would be appreciated by myself also...
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      Originally posted by gteps View Post
      Anyone got any ideas on further modifications which may improve what can only be described as a very poor quality product from Roland.
      I don't think quality is really the issue. I believe the FD-8 is designed to fill an entry level position in the Roland product line-up. After all, if it performed like a VH-12, who would buy the VH-12, right?

      That said, it does suffer some limitations. I have done quite a bit of testing based on several different modification suggestions and using a variety of different products, to come up with a solution that works very well for me. At first I wanted just to increase the foot splash response/volume, but then decided I'd also like to try to increase the seperation between the 3 zones (open, half-open, closed) of my TD-3. I think this solution does both rather well although the transition part is never going to be as satisfying or provide as much control, as the higher end products.

      It took several tries to find something that would stick to the plastic strip. Several things I tried would work for a few days and then stop, and when I opened it back up I'd find they had been pushed aside. I finally found a small package of rubber feet that came with a D-Link router I had purchased awhile back. It has a 3M double stick tape backing and after a good cleaning with rubbing alcohol, has stuck to the plastic resistor strip very well and hasn't moved in the 3 months or so since I applied it. I first tried the whole foot pad itself, and while it worked fine for the foot splash problem, it was too thick when used for the seperation zone. Finding something the right thickness took a fair bit of trial & error as well, and I ended up just using a small strip of the flashing material from between the feet in the package.

      I left the pictures at full resolution so they can be viewed at full size. I hope they demonstrate how I've applied the solution, and also that this helps some of you overcome some of the limitations of the FD-8 pedal.
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          Originally posted by gteps View Post
          I have now tried your modification and it has made a little difference with the volume but I still get inconsistent triggering.
          It's odd that the triggering is a problem, its such a simple circuit with virtually no moving electronic parts. It doesn't seem like wear and tear would even be a factor.

          I agree that one shouldn't have to modify things to get basic functionality, and perhaps (hopefully) peoples comments here and on other forums won't go completely unnoticed. It's a competitive business, and while you may not get a direct answer to your individual problem, any company would be remiss if they didn't take peoples product concerns seriously with regard to future offerings. Its tough to stay on top, and if you want to command top dollar for your product, you'd better be able to meet expectations.

          Good luck finding a solution, I really hope you come up with something suitable that doesn't break the bank.

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            Hi Sabre,

            Wear and tear cannot be a factor in this case as the pedal is almost brand new, in many respects it seems that its just poor quality design and components that cause the issue.
            Take into account the research some electrical engineers have done who belong to this forum and you can see that their results show a number of issues which cause triggering / volume issues, the resistor strips seem to be the main cause.

            Problem is, I and many others like me, are likely to get stuck with these almost useless pedals, they are appearing in forum classifieds and ebay like wildfire as people decide to give up on them and "upgrade" ! to an earlier model FD6 / FD7 which are hard to find or purchase a different make altogether, FD8's are worth very little.


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                Best solution is to sell the FD8 and buy a FD7, they work great!
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                  Hi Hat behaviour

                  I putted the 3 times felt as descrived above and I correct the angle of the metal plate that is in contact with the rubber hammer, grased all whit vaselina grase and it work super !!!! a very strong splash volume and correct behaviour of the pedal also in open closed .
                  Thnk's to all the member that give the right information.

                  P.s. My pedal was brand new (I bought the td 3KW just last week) and the
                  splash volume was inconsistent at the beginning anso after setting the
                  volume to 15. Now is perfect.


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                    Hi Guys,
                    I had a FD-8 on a TD-3 and had the same low volume problem (tried the mods...no help). Moved up to a td-6V and It got louder. I now own a td-20 with the same pedal and I find myself turning the hi-hat volume down, but the pedal response is not as nice as it was on the TD-6V. Looks like it might be module dependant....But this is just my experience with my pedal.



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                      Originally posted by itony View Post
                      ....with the rubber hammer, greased all with Vaseline grease ....
                      Be careful when using a petroleum-based product on anything rubber. It will eat away the rubber over time. A silicone-based lubricant is preferable.