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Guitar Amp for E Drums?

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  • Guitar Amp for E Drums?

    Hey I am looking to buy an amp for my TD3 and the cheapest one I've seen from roland is about 295 which is way too much for me. I was wondering if I could buy a relatively cheap guitar amp and use that instead. Does anyone know if I can do that? Also, does anyone know of a relatively cheap amp that works well for my TD3?

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    Is this amp compatible with a TD3 and is it good?


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      There's a wealth of prior-thread discussion of this here; check out these 2 threads for starters:



      These are just 2 of the most recent of a ton of like discussions.

      Check my responses in each cited thread for more links to previous discussions, what search terms are best to locate more prior threads using the board's search feature, and an answer about your specific question regarding guitar amps for vdrums (not recommended, reasons are cited in many other responses).
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        Some Day Grey: Thanks for posting the links! Very helpful.


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          Guitar amps are designed to distort. You want an amplifier designed specifically for musical instruments like for edrums or keyboards. This kind of amp should be very clean and reproduce your kit sounds without adding any undesirable distortion products. Also keep in mind that drums (can) have a huge dynamic range. I'd recommend buying an amp with much more power than you think you need. That way you'll be able to handle very loud peaks without clipping even though the average power is much lower. Also make sure your speakers are capable of handling the power of the amplifier. Save your money and buy something good. You'll be happier in the long run.