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Simmons SD7K Snare Question

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  • Simmons SD7K Snare Question

    Hey all:

    I play guitar so I know very little about drums, especially electronic Kits. My son is used to playing acoustic DW's but wanted to give electronic drums a try due to noise factor, etc. So he is new to the electronic drums as we just bought a Simmons SD7K this weekend. Tonight he was playing through some stuff and periodically he would notice that the snare would not sound when he would hit it when playing the full kit. He could sit there and strike the snare pad individually 50 times and it would never miss, but once he would start in to the full kit it would miss occasionally. We checked all connections and everything seemed fine. We started reading about "crosstalk" and "sensitivity" settings. After some tweaking in the Utility Panel of the Module, the miss seems to have corrected itself.
    My question is, does it take some tweaking, etc to get the electronic balance right for each preset of kit -- as well as some tweaking based on his playing style and response or strike velocity compared to someone else's?
    I guess we just wanted to make sure that this is the kind of thing that could happen with all kits until you get it fine-tuned and that it wasn't a "defective" sounding issue. We bought the 2 year extended warranty just in case, but since neither of us know alot about Electronic kits, I wanted to ask some of you who are experienced in using the kits.

    Thanks for any advice or suggestions you can offer!

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    Yes, it's very normal to have to adjust settings like crosstalk when setting up a kit, because the exact position of each pad affects how much vibration is received from other pads. But trigger settings like crosstalk and sensitivity are global and will apply to all kits once set, whereas other settings like volume levels, stereo pan and pitch tuning are individual to each kit.