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Getting a 8" x 7" Tom Sound on my TD-20

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  • Getting a 8" x 7" Tom Sound on my TD-20

    Hello again, people. I was watching this drummer playing a funky beat pattern on his kit and one of his rack toms was an 8" x 7". It was a PDP maple LX kit. It had a single ply remo head.

    Can anyone out there explain the steps involved to get this sound on
    my TD-20? Is this is possible.

    Thank you again so much.

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    Trial and error.

    Start by removing any EQ, Ambience, or other Effects. Select the tom sound that comes closest to what you want, then tune to the proper note. Adjust the head type, then the shell depth. Play around with the muffling and the mic distance. Finally, fiddle with the EQ and ambiance. Hopefully that will get you there.