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Alesis d-4 question

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  • Alesis d-4 question

    I use a Roland TD-8 for a hybrid kit. HH, Cym's, Snare are acoustic. Kick and Toms (six toms) electronic. I have a gig Sunday at 11:00am, however I let my home church use my TD-8 with my 100% electronic kit. I can borrow an Alesis d4 module. My question is this: Can I program the cymbal inputs to sounds like toms so I can use my six toms??

    Where can I see a good picture online of the back of d4?

    Thanks in advance.

    - - - Biff

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    D4 is utterly simple. 12 mono inputs. Any input can be configured with any sound sample. For the D4 you select the use the VOICE button to set the sample played. They're conveniently grouped and thanks to the wide LCD adequate text is displayed to make your selection. You shouldn't likely need the manual at all.

    You can pull the manual here: http://www.retrevo.com/support/Alesi.../513ci275/t/2/


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      I used to have a D4 and to answer your question, yes, you can program any of the inputs for a specific sound. In other words, there is no dedicated input just for cymbals. You simply select an input and then cycle through the menu of sounds until you come to the one you want for that input. I think the unit has 12 inputs so in theory you could have 12 pads triggering 12 different tom sounds. Just be aware that most of the tom samples are in groups of 3-4. If you want 6 different toms you'll have to use some of the sounds twice and adjust the pitch to make them sound like different toms.

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        The D4 is a nice module, the DM5 and DM Pro both have some MIDI problems which cause the audio and triggering to cut out at times. The only limit is the amount of sounds in the D4...

        Image of back of D4:
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