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TD-12 loose power cable

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  • TD-12 loose power cable

    I've been transporting my TD-12 once or twice a week to rehearsals and gigs. When I'm playing, I just let the cable hang off the back of the module. The TD-12 has a pretty hefty cable, and last night I noticed it was a little loose where it plugs into the module. I was wondering if anybody has had this problem and if so are there any steps I can take to prevent this from getting worse?
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    IEC power cables (the type used in the TD12 and 20) can become loose with a lot of transportation and movement. I have had that happen on outboard racks of PA gear before.
    These cables are readily available though and the sockets on the unit itself rarely wear out so it's simple enough to have a couple of spare leads. They are also known as 'jug' leads.


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      Thanx again superpuss...your always right there to help me Oh... By the way. I tried your suggestion with the Direct vs. Stereo outs. Worked like a charm
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        Cool stuff Glad I could help