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HD-1 and Midi

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  • HD-1 and Midi

    First off I would like to introduce myself as being a EXTREME novice to the world of electronic music. I bought this Roland HD-1 as a play around kit to introduce me to the electronic drum world and its conviences. Although as Im sure many of you know this kit has alot of short commings but fits the bill for what I use it.

    With that said, Im pretty good with computers so hopefully this wont be too painful.

    Im trying to "expand the horizions" of my HD-1 by use of my laptop, MIDI, and a form of software that Ive yet to determine. The 10 pre-programmed kits are quite limited and am looking to expand that.

    Ive got a M-Audio UNO MIDI cable (that Im not even sure is going to be compatiable with Vista?) my laptop and my HD-1. Starting from square one, what do I need to do to expand the options of my drum kit?

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    I have the same kit and my understanding is that it is a midi out kit only. BTW....does your bass pedal squeak?

    Home kit - HD1
    Church Kits TD-6 and now TD-4

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      Take a look in the VST forum. You should find everything you need. There are many possibilities when it comes to software based solutions.