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Help With Live Sequencing!

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  • Help With Live Sequencing!

    Hey guys. Im new to the forums and Ive got some questions.

    Im in a pop punk/happy hardcore/emo band. Similar styles to motion city soundtrack and farewell.

    Well I play synth and Ive got a moog lp stage 2, a junog, and a midi keyboard with flstudio8.

    I haven't gotten into the midi stuff yet but I want to do some techno/electronic drums in our set.

    So I have the beats I want to play in the songs, but I dont know how to make it all work.

    do I get an inner ear for my drummer and play to a click track? im not sure at all what im doing!!

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    Do you want to "play the tracks" or have the drummer play them? Does he have an e-kit? If so, what kind?

    I think we need just a little more info.
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      what i want to do is play the tracks with my midi if at all possible.

      i have techno tracks on fruity loops, and i just want them to come in in the songs during the right parts.

      im going to make a song on flstuidio the same legnth and tempo as one of our songs, and put the drums in where i want them, but im afraid when i hit play and it starts going, we will get out of time.

      so i need something to have a click track and maybe the beats going into my drummers ears.

      but to answer your question, i am going to be the one triggering the beat.

      the way ive seen bands do it is they just hit play on their computer and its all in time.


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        I am also new to MIDI, and have been experimenting with ableton live, which I am sure has similar settings to FL Studio. With Ableton you can drag MIDI clips around and organize them, but when you hit play they will wait to the start of the next bar if you like to come in, so that everything is perfect.

        If you have a decent drummer who can stay in time, then this would be a great option as you can change things on the fly and make everything fit perfectly.
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          I'd keep it simple and send him a click track. Better yet, I'd trigger only the beats at the appropriate time. This lessens the possibility of errors. The thing here is if you are running a track the entire time, you stand a chance of screwing up. There's a simple way and then there's a difficult way.

          I'd trigger the beat by itself. Have him play with a click for the song. It'd be smart if you initiated the click. Don't sync the entire song. Just make the beats a one-shot triggers that you initiate.
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            alright. sounds good.

            so how do i set the beats to play when i want them.

            link them to my controller and press play? how does that work exactely?


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              I'm not familiar with the equipment you'll be using, but basically yes - you will link them to a button where you'll trigger them yourself. You'll have to consult the manual on that part.
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                cool thanks for all the help!

                one more question!

                how do i get a click track to the drummer? flstudio has a metranome i could use, but what kind of headphones does he use?


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                  When I play to a click track. I route it to a mixer then send it to my IEM.
                  The problem you have is that you may have to send more than just the click to the drummer. You have to send him a whole monitor mix. A small mixer with headphone outs could help a lot.


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                    sweet dewds thanks