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Newbie! Sensitivity? TD-20 vs TD-10 vs Alesis I/O

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  • Newbie! Sensitivity? TD-20 vs TD-10 vs Alesis I/O

    Hi, this forum is great. I'm a professional drummer and looking to start my home studio. I need to track album quality material and I've decided instead of building a drum room etc, I'll go the e-drum route. I recently watched the Omar Hakim video and I was very impressed with the sesitivity of the TD 20 V-drums module/kit. All the ghost notes, the flushes on the hi-hats, etc. Awesome. I don't care about the sounds. I'll use BFD, AD or OWD. But I need that sensitivity. My question is this. I'll use the v-drum mesh drum and cymbal/hihat pads but quite simply, is that type of sensitivity/velocity/ etc. available with the lower end sound modules such as the TD12, TD10 or Alesis I/O. Again, I don't care about the sounds. I want to be able to play that loose and free and have that level of response. Can I do that on the 'cheap'?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Welcome aboard Drumsrdrugs
    It's interesting that you mention the Omar Hakim clips as your catalyst for looking into V Drums. That is what got me started on this path too. Omar Hakim is one of my favourite drummers.

    Anyway, speaking from first hand experience (I have a TD12 and a TD20 module in my kit), I can say that they are pretty much identical as far as expressiveness and pad response. Once you have adjusted the sensitivity to suit your playing, these kits can be extremely expressive, as you've seen from the Omar clip. I can't speak from experience about the TD10 or TD8 as I've never played one. You will most likely find the TD3 or TD6 to be too limiting (I have played these and they are nowhere near as expressive as the TD12). You can often find a good deal on a second hand TD12 module which will probably be ideal for your requirements.

    I am eagerly awaiting the release of Superior Drummer 2.0 and am about to build a new PC for my Protools rig which I will also run this software on. The S 2.0 demo video looks extremely impressive.
    I'll be running this and my modules (I am running the VEX packs for my modules which are just awesome) depending on what I am aiming to achieve on a given song.

    Anyway, let us all know how it goes for you.