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Basic MIDI question

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  • Basic MIDI question

    If I were to record my v-drums with my TD-10 via MIDI, would it be lossy? i.e. Would I loose ANY dynamics vs. directly recording the analog audio out?

    I know MIDI can record SEQUENCES, but does it also record dynamics such as force and position sensing?

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    MIDI sequencers does pick up velocity changes quite well. It is basically just recording the data transmitted from your Trigger block in your TD8/10.

    When playing your TD8/10 as normal, your Sound block basically just receives this MIDI data from your trigger block and plays it.

    When playing back from a sequencer, instead of playing the data from the Trigger block, the sound block receives data from the sequencer, ie data received earlier from the Trigger block, and play it. So it's like a very long "delay" playing back data from the Trigger block so to speak.

    I am not too sure about positional sensing because I am using a TD7, however, but my guess is that it should pick it up, esp if you're playing back the song back to your TD8/10 and not to another non drum sound module.


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      MIDI works fine, as long as it is set up correctly. The higher the PPQ (pulses per quarter note) your sequencer will use the better as far as timing accuracy is concerned.

      The are 127 velocity levels whether you are using MIDI or not, so there is not a problems there.

      The positional sensing is on CC#16 (continuous controller) and is transmitted, recorded and played back...just don't quantize the MIDI or you could wind up placing the wrong position with the wrong hits.

      Also, just for future knowledge, the hi hat pedal also works properly (give or take) by using CC#4 (foot pedal continuous controller), just don't try to use another module to reproduce what you record with the vdrum pads or try to program stuff with a different module and expect the td-10 to respond properly to it.

      Hope that helps.
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