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Recording with my new Td9sx

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  • Recording with my new Td9sx

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to the forum. I have purchased my first ekit and im really excited about it. Ive been playing like crazy. Ive been using the quick record alot and i have been saving my recordings to a thumb drive but it gets kind of tedious to be reloading them back when i want to listen to them.
    So i thought i could record them straight into a recording application. I went out and bought a midi to USB cable and i have acid pro installed. Needless to say, i have no clue what im doing.
    Does anyone have any pointers to help me out? I have a PC with good specs.
    Please help!

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    Sounds like you don't really need the midi cable. If you are just looking to record the audio straight from the module, I would suggest an audio cable from the headphone out on the TD9 right into the mic input on the computer. Record the real audio right into Acid.


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      Awesome, it worked! just have to figure out how to get the audio out to the headphones because i cant hear the drums while recording. Thank you so much for the advice! Now i can go return this useless midi cable. heh.


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        Originally posted by optimus View Post
        ...just have to figure out how to get the audio out to the headphones because i cant hear the drums while recording.
        There should be a "monitor" button in your recording software...or something like that. And make sure the settings on your computer are set so that audio is fed to the built-in speakers.
        You do have the headphones plugged into the audio-out on the computer, right?


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          yes! I do have them plugged into the audio out on the computer. i will check the audio settings though and make sure ive got everything configured correctly.


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            why my module didnt appear any responces when i plugged into the module ??