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TD-12 Kick and HiHat Bugs

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  • TD-12 Kick and HiHat Bugs

    Hey All,

    Just got at TD-12 kit a few weeks ago and I'm quite enjoying it, but still have a few bugs to work out. Sorry if this has been discussed before, couldn't find anything after a search.

    The problem I've been having with the hihat is that I sometimes get a closed sound when it should be open. This happens only sporadically when playing in a semi-open position. The hihat is setup as described in the manual. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've tried making some adjustments to the "open<->closed" screw, with only marginal results. I haven't tweaked the tension of the hihat stand, might this be the problem? If so, do I need to increase the tension or decrease it?

    I've also noticed that the response of the hihat is close to the real thing but it's not perfect. How close in you opinion can it get to the real thing and how do you achieve it?

    My next problem is with the kick. I find that the kick is a lot bouncier than a real kick which sometimes leads to accidental double strokes. Any suggestions on reducing that?


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    Try increasing the hi-hat stand spring tension, and increase the Mask Time setting slightly for the kick at TRIGGER, ADVANCE, SCAN.