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Life expectancy of PD-8 pads??

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  • Life expectancy of PD-8 pads??

    Life expectancy of PD-8 pads??
    TDW-20, pd-8 toms, KD-120 kick, a real snare drum, and real cymbals

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    Until you upgrade to a mesh pad!!
    . digitalDrummer
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      Sorry for hijacking the thread, but what about the lifespan of mesh head of say the PDX snare?
      Can it last for around 2-3 years?


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        A PD-8 pad's life span has more to do with how hard it is played and what kind of environment it is kept in. If you play it rather than hammer the s*&t out of it and keep it indoors at room temperature and less than tropical humidity, it could well outlive you.