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CY-5 issue?

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  • CY-5 issue?

    My CY-5 that I use as a hi hat all of a sudden stopped working! the rim is 100% but the top of the pad needs a good whack to trigger. I checked the trigger basic settings and they were Ok. I swapped the pad with a CY-5 I have for a spash and sure enough the problem followed the pad.

    Any thoughts? I don't bash the drums and play with a light promark 7A. I have had this pad since November 2006. What is the life expectancy? Thanks in advance!

    Bummed out in Bergen County ....

    Just waiting to see how many reply stating " well its time for the VH-12", yeah I thought about that

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    No suggestions? Its got to be fixable?!?!?!?


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      Well, it's time for the VH-12.

      The CY-5 shouldn't fail this early. Sometimes bits of rubber powder can gunk the sensors. If you feel brave enough to take it apart and clean it, I would try that. I have never dissected a CY-5, so I don't know how easy it is. Looks like 2 screws.


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        It doesn't make much sense to me that the rim is fine but the head is bad. When you swapped to a good CY-5, did you swap the cable too? Have you tried the bad CY-5 with a known good cable?



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          I only swapped out the cymbal, not the cable. It really seems to be isolated to the pad. I can pull the rubber pad from the top down, there are scews on the bottom of the pad?