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SPDS - signal to noise ratio

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  • SPDS - signal to noise ratio

    I've had my SPD-S for two months. Despite my best efforts, the samples I create in Cubase seem to be much lower in volume than the factory preset samples. Consequently, there is a bit of a hiss through the PA at high volumes - a poor signal-to-noise ratio that is sometimes problematic.
    I normalize each sample before saving it on the CF card and then importing into the SPD-S.
    Re-sampling each .wav file directly in the SPD-S (and in the process boosting the signal by the maximum 400%) does seem to work, but is a major hassle when I'm importing dozens of files.
    I'd prefer to get it right directly out of Cubase.
    Anyone else have this problem?


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    Are you normalizing via Cubase? What kind of clips? Long ones? Short ones?
    I find it best to do normalization outside of Cubase. I use WaveLab and Audacity and have never had trouble with my samples.


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      most of the .wav files are short, but I also have a few that are about 10 seconds long.
      I have only used Cubase to do the normalization.
      A friend of mine did the normalization in ProTools on his Mac, but the SPD-S would not import the files. I can't remember exactly the error message. That was sort of strange.
      I'll attempt another means of normalization and see what happens.


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        Let me know how that goes. If you want me to try normalizing one of them, send me a PM.