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Expanded TD-10!!..or is it?

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  • Expanded TD-10!!..or is it?

    Hey everyone, first post on these boards, so, Hi.

    I just bought an "expanded td-10". Since I've never had an original TD-10, is there a way I can see if it has actually been expanded, without phsyically opening it up? Like, does it display it in the menu or, are there different names for the kits compared to the original?

    Any help would be great..i'm trying to avoid dismantling everything just to open it up...


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    so i answered my own question, but for anyone elses reference...

    If your TDW-1 card is properly installed, when you power up the TD-10 it will look like the image below.

    • If the card has been installed then removed, the TD-10 will no longer work.
    • If the card is in there but hasn't been installed, it will ask you to install it before properly turning on.
    • If theres no card in there, and it's never been installed, the image will just say TD-10

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      Originally posted by brentasaurous View Post
      so i answered my own question, but for anyone elses reference...
      Thanks, I didn't know that.
      And dang, this forum is so good you get answers to your questions without actually getting an answer to your question!


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        Also if it has the expansion but not the V-cymbal control it will say TDW-1 Expanded on the same splash screen but won't mention the V-cymbal Control at the bottom. But that is a free upgrade from Roland so the only problem is you would have to be without the module for a few weeks while they upgrade it.


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          hey JJ, im brent, i just bought the TD-10 off your ebay store!

          Everyone should head to:


          Josh has everything and at sweet prices!


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            That is a first...


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              Originally posted by brentasaurous View Post

              Josh has everything and at sweet prices![/SIZE]
              Do you sell hub caps for a '72 Pinto hatchback?... oooh Mini-trucker Magazine!... just kidding.


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                I defintely have jjdrumz on my "Favorite Seller" list. What a great resource from things big to small. He has single handedly provided most of the rotation stoppers on the Mondor!