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Dr. 880 with td3 midi thru problems pls help

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  • Dr. 880 with td3 midi thru problems pls help

    Hello everbody, I am new in this forum, thank you for reading this. I was trying to find a solution for my problem but i didnt see anything. I am trying to send midi from Boss Dr. 880 to different equipments( moog little phatty, yamaha ypt 300 keyboard etc... and most importantly roland td3 drums). since i have one midi out from dr. 880, I got a midi thru box from my local music shop. its called midiman. on the box it says " 1 in and 4 outs" i connected the midi thru box from dr. 880's midi out. and from midi thru box's out to roland td3, moog synt and yamaha keyboard. moog synt did work very well I was able to hear the bass line. and also from yamaha keyboard. but td3 didnt work at all(both midi channels were set to 10 for drums-td3 and dr.880). I tried each midi out from the midi thru box but still negative. after all, when I make a connection from dr. 880's out directly to td3's midi in it works.
    but in that case i cant send midi to my other equipments. Is there any way to sole this problem or is there any setting for it. Thank you very much for your time.

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    I had the same problem when I tried to hook an old midi module to my td-3... I gave up and sold the module!
    good luck!


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      Can't you just chain all the devices together, instead of using the merger? I think the TD-3 has soft thru, and most other devices will have either soft thru or a dedicated midi thru -everything that gets sent to the TD-3's in will get sent to the out, where you connect the next device. AFAIK you can chain up to 16 devices using midi. Could be wrong though.......... Oh, and welcome both!


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        Thank you very much for your comments, time and suggestions. I already tried to chain up all my devices but it does not work. from td3's midi out I can not send midi to other devices(when I chain up everything). I think that td3 doesn't have soft thru... I also heard from my friend that td3 doesn't have soft thru capability..... I am not sure how to solve this problem but I don't think, I will be able to sell or change td3,,,


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          Sorry... I meant I sold the old module... my trusty TD3's still keeping me (mostly) happy!