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Differences Between DTXpress & DTXtreme IIs

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  • Differences Between DTXpress & DTXtreme IIs

    I've used acoustic until recently; I'm in a condo now :-( My first electric was a DTXpress III std and I was impressed by it. I wanted to add more triggers so I bought the DTXtreme IIs Special kit. I was wondering if the DTXpress III does anything that the DTXtreme IIs doesn't do? If there's no reason to keep it other than being able to add 8 more triggers to my kit, then I was thinking about just selling it.

    ALSO is the DTXtreme IIs able to take advantage of the newer RHH135? I'd like to upgrade to that if it will work on my older DTXtreme IIs module. My acoustic hi hats usually are only set to fully open a tiny bit (with the tilt, on edge is apart by maybe 7/16 of an inch the other edge is just barely touching.) So most of my hi hat work on my acoustic set is done with variance in pressure rather than vertical movment of my foot (unless I open them up all the way.) If I could get this function to work on my DTXtreme IIs, I would be extremely pleased.

    BTW, I just posted some pics in the showcase forum of my kit.

    Thanks Much!