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Mylar head on pd-125?

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  • Mylar head on pd-125?

    Hey guys -

    I'm entirely new to vdrumming, and I'm outfitting a project studio. I'm strongly considering purchasing a PD-125 snare pad, but I wanted to be ABSOLUTELY sure that installing a mylar head on it would do it no harm. I realize there's little difference signal-wise - though sensitivities would likely need adjusting. But the feel of a real kit is pretty important to me, so I thought I'd ask the experts. It's not worth the investment for me without the ability to install mylar heads.

    Thanks in advance, everyone!

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    Question: Why would you want to?


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      Yes, you can use a mylar head. It will be louder, but it will still trigger well.

      Here is a link that shows a mylar head on a PD-120:

      He also used a Remo Muffle to reduce some of the acoustic sound. The muffle won't fit on a PD-125, though, because of the trigger basket.



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        Originally posted by Fig Newton View Post
        Question: Why would you want to?
        Well, it's not that I'D want to.

        I want to be able to sell drummers on the idea of using the electronic kit. I'm triggering EZDrummer, and the samples are far better than any sounds my humble gear is capable of capturing. And as we're in the market for a new house, I'm not sure now much of a concern volume could potentially be in the space I'll be using.

        Vdrums are a perfect solution from an engineering standpoint - but if it doesn't feel like a "real" kit, it's a much harder sell.

        Thanks very much for the info, SD! I greatly appreciate it!