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Y Cable use on the TD-20

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  • Y Cable use on the TD-20

    Hello again people. I need your help (again). Can I use a Y-cable for use on the Roland TD-20?

    Here's the problem I am having. I am having trouble on the hearing my ride cymbal (R1 cable) that goes into the ride slot on the back of my TD-20. I haven't been able to find out what the problem is, but that's not what's bothering me. What I would like to know is that I bought a
    y-cable and connected the R1 cable into one end of the y cable and the R2 cable I connected to the other end of the y-cable and plugged them into
    aux1 port. The cymbals both sound loud, which is great, but if I decide to change the sound of one cymbal say R1 to china cymbal, the other cymbal the R2, also automatically changes to that same cymbal. I would like to have different cymbal sounds through the auxiliary one cable. Is it possible to do this?

    Thanks alot in advance to all of you.

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    It needs a special Y-cable as ige87 explained to you a week ago: Problems with my CY-8 follow-up



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      Y-Cable Problem

      Ok, thank you so much, but what kind of a cable, do you know by any chance the model number or kind of cable....? Any info you got...


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        PM sent!


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          You can't generally buy one. You have to make one:

          Sticky: Splitter for Dual Piezo inputs AKA TD-12 or TD-20 Aux/Tom splitter Revisited

          unless pchanning in the UK can sell you one: WTB Trigger Splitter



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            Problem with the CY-8 cymbal (volume low)

            Just so you know, what I was able to do to solve my problem with the volume of my ride port with my ride cymbal. I spoke with someone at Dale’s Drum shop, who contacted Roland. He told me that Roland told him you can a Y-cable with the following: at the two ends make sure they are mono, and you plug the stereo end into the aux1 port. I tried it, and voila!!! It works!! Two different cymbal sounds with the same volume. The guy at Roland said basically you are fooling the module into thinking that there are two different cymbals being used.

            Yippee!! Thank you again very much for your efforts in helping, your suggestions.