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Are your Beyerdynamic DT770s 80 or 250ohm?

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  • Are your Beyerdynamic DT770s 80 or 250ohm?

    Sorry for asking a similar question to what I asked last night, but I figure that this might be a way of getting the info I need.

    I want to buy some DT770 Pros for my TD8 (and my friend wants them for his TD12) but don't know whether to go for the 250 or 80ohm varient.

    There is a really good deal right now on the 250ohm in the UK, but not the 80..

    What I want to know is whether the 250ohm version will work on a TD module? I am a little worried, as my Sennheisers are 32ohm and if anything they are a little quiet (I have to run them on full volume)..

    So, could DT770 Pro users let me know what impedance theirs are and how they perform? If anyone has had chance to compare the 250 and 80 ohms on a TD brain, that would be the perfect answer.

    My fingers are crossed that someone can help

    All the best


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    I am about to order some DT770s, so I just figured that I would have one last try to get some feedback.

    If anything, i am swaying towards the 80ohm, just because they have a straight (non-curley) cable.

    But the 250ohm is significantly cheap, so I am still tempted to save a few quid and go down that route.

    Does anyone have the 250ohm DT770s and use them on a TD8? If so, how do you find the volume?



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      I ve been told that 80 ohm plays better with semipro equipment otherwise it would amplify the noise, and got that one. Still think both will perform good though...


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        The DT770's are 80ohms I believe. I use the DT150's which are 250ohm- the volume is fine and they have a straight, long, replaceable (without soldering) cable. The block out factor is awesome since they're made like ear muffs and they feel like you're wearing pillows, I could seriously wear them all day- as a matter of fact, I'll do just that for the remainder of today.. Peace


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          watch the ear padding
          on the pro there is a velvet cover which does not block as much sound as the vinyl covered ones

          i've had the pro 250 ohm, curly cable, ones give a good sound with whichever module, and the non pro, straight cable also fine