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Internal memory on spd-s full not sure why

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  • Internal memory on spd-s full not sure why

    I restored the factory settings on my spd today because some of the patches had sounds missing for some reason but when i tried to put some samples back on it i could only get ten on before it said it was full. all the samples were less than a second long and standard quality. My friend had the same problem when he borrowed it from me a few months ago but he can't remember how he fixed it. any ideas? i am guessing made some sort of stupid mistake along the way.

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    That's fairly typical if all the preset samples are in place and you're importing samples to internal memory. The SPD-S internal memory of 16MB doesn't allow much storage for user samples; it can be only about 10 seconds (with a maximum of around 360 seconds if preset samples have been deleted): The Same Old SPD-S Question.

    Press CARD as the destination during File Import and you can store over 10,000 seconds (and then delete files from the top level root folder once they've been imported).

    It sounds like your friend's workaround was to delete some of the preset samples, but that will leave sounds missing from some patches unless you delete those too. And trying to cram stuff into the limited internal memory is only a short term solution anyway. It's better to get into the habit of always importing to the Compact Flash card.

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      thanks that worked. i would have never figured that out. little by little i am starting to understand this thing.