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Changing kits with out changing pattern

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  • Changing kits with out changing pattern

    I have put my TD-8 manual under a microscope and cannot find the answer: Can you create a pattern on one Kit (Say a coga/latin kit) and have it sound that way (like congas) while playing another kit (say HardRock)?

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    as the fingers go into automatic typing mode (retrograde - typing the last letters first )

    Only if you record such that the percussion group is what is played back - and you use the same percussion group with the other kit ( or at least a percussion group that has the same instruments for those MIDI note numbers that you used for recording).

    Another suggestion given was:

    If you have inputs that are not being used, plug your pads into those inputs and assign your congas or whatever to those inputs, and record away. Then replug your pads into their normal inputs, assign the congas or whatever to those extra inputs on all the kits you wish to use with that pattern, and boingo - oops so sorry - Bingo!

    If none of that works, you put the lime in the coconut and call me in the morning. Woo wooo...


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      Isn't there a way to cahnge the note #'s in the percussion group in order to customize your pattern? And what is the exact procedure to have the percussion group play? What triggers the pattern?



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        There is with the TD-10 I do not know about the TD-8 but there probably is. Check the section of the manual where they talk about using MIDI stuff like the SPD-11 or 20 that is where the info is in the TD-10 manual.

        Ted H.
        Ted H.


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          >> What triggers the pattern?

          BINARY ??


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          SIC 'EM!


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            Too late........canít you feel the rumble rolling? Hide your children.....the nothing is upon us.