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TD 8 Problem

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  • TD 8 Problem

    Hello all, new user searching for some technical assistance!

    I've bought some Roland TD8's on ebay about 3 months ago (to replace my loud Mapex Orion's to the delight of my neighbours), and have had no problems. This is, until now.

    I was playing today and the sound simply became thoroughly distorted, and then finally only a short "crackling" noise can be heard on striking any of the pads. After turning the kit off and on again, I was annoyed to see the problem had continued. I persisted with a reset to factory settings, which also proved futile.

    On further investigation, the only pad triggering is pad 3. Although this happens regardless of which pad I appear to hit (vibration I guess). When the problem occured initially I was playing with headphones in and so assumed they were at fault, after two sets of headphones with the same issue, I attempted to play through an amplifier and received a consistent shrill squeal.

    For the record, the brain won't output anything correctly - no output of song or preview. All the display and operations of the brain seem to be perfect, and I have received no error messages.

    It sounds well and truly buggered. After reading a few threads I saw that vibrations could be too blame, or perhaps it could be a battery issue - both of which seem plausible. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Secondly, As I bought on Ebay I don't have a Roland warranty. Any thoughts as to a good Roland repair centre in London?