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TD8 - Mix in (3rd time lucky?)

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  • TD8 - Mix in (3rd time lucky?)

    I've got a Roland TD-8 electronic drum kit and want to 'mix in' a cd or playlist from my laptop to play along to.
    There is a Stereo mix in but when i've plugged in a lead from various sources the mixed in sound is very quiet.

    Does the signal needs to go through an amp first? the manual is a very poor regarding this and had a google to no avail?

    Cheers for any help...


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    It should accept any line level signal. No preamp needed. Did you make sure the source volume and the Mix-In volume are turned up? What kind of lead (cable) are you using? It should be stereo with a TRS jack on the TD-8 side.


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      Lead set up tried is as follows:

      Headphone out of laptop - stereo headphone type cable 3.5mm jack in laptop with phono left & right - this plugged into a phono to stereo jack converter (2 x phonos in L&R stereo jack out) then straight into the TD8.

      Tried these as a source:

      Laptop playing MP3's
      Phone plying MP3's
      Portable DVD playing CD.

      There is a hum when the lead is plugged in and the volume is no where near the range of the drum kit, have to turn up the vol on the source device and the mix vol on the TD8 to be able to hear, there is no bottom end at all very tinny.

      Is there any diagrams of the recommended connection or lead type?



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        I run several sources into my TD8, including my iPhone, via the "mix in" and no probs. Have you tried a different wire to run from your source to the TD8? It sounds like that could be an issue. If you've tried different sources (ie. laptop, phone, dvd player) and they all do it then it's for sure "after" the source in the chain. So that leaves "wire" - any converter (ie. 1/8th in to 1/4th inch adapter) or your TD8 itself. Are you using a "stereo" wire to run from the source to the TD8? You can tell by looking at the end of the connector and you should see two black rings around it.

        Hope that helps,