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TD-3 snare sound

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  • TD-3 snare sound

    i just bought a td 3 (set) and im having trouble getting a good deep snare sound. I use a 14x6.5 on A-kits and im having trouble replicating it. Another thing is i like the sound of the S4 snare drum but i don't like the hard hit, i like the medium strength hit better. It sounds like all metal and no head (btw its on S4 not S4r, i no theres a rim and a head sound) Is there anyway to disable the sound of me hitting it hard and make it the medium strength?

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    For S4, try switching to an exponential trigger curve at LEVEL/PAN+TEMPO, EDIT > Cur, +/- to select EP1 or EP2. You can't switch off the hard sound completely but you can make it more difficult to reach. Perhaps decrease sensitivity slightly too at EDIT, PAD SENS.

    Is the S8 Ballad Snare a deeper sound?