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What's the difference between the CY-6 and CY-8 cymbals?

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  • What's the difference between the CY-6 and CY-8 cymbals?

    Anyone have both and know of any differences? I have owned the CY-8's and loved them. Just ordered a couple of CY-6's and wondering about any differences if any? Thanks in advance!

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    CY-6 is the older model and hasn't been available new since the CY-8 was introduced four years ago. Differences are mostly minor cosmetic details, but some have found the CY-8 to be more reliable than a CY-6.



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      There were also some reports of cracking of the plastic of some TD-6 cymbals..... I've been using mine for over 3 years without any signs of problems, although I do find they are less sensitive than their CY-14 and CY-15 big brothers.


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        CY6's have more pixie crud!

        (Boy, I hope the board veterans got a laugh out of that one.)

        Joking aside, BarT hit the nail on the head. The CY8 replaced the CY6 - functionality is the same, but it's a better designed, better made pad.


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          I have both on my setup but in my case it can't be apples to apples since these are older, used CY-6's and my CY-8's are new. The 8's do seem to trigger a little better and the two separate zones seem easier to distinguish.
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