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Puzzled by TD20

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  • Puzzled by TD20

    Hi everyone. I hope one of you can lend a hand. I recently purchased a used TD20 kit and everything seems to be in working order. I've had it for about a week and have been in and out of all menus and screens (I think). Yet, I'm having a couple problems I can't correct and don't think are acceptable.

    1. The kit (all instruments) clarity and volume doesn't match that produced by the on-board "demo". It may be 1/3 to 1/2 the volume. (The demo is 2-3 times louder and sounds fantastic by comparison)

    2. The kick drum and Tom #3 seem to produce a significantly louder thud every so often, even when I keep a constant force.

    I'm concerned the original owner may have tweaked some settings that I cannot seem to find. I've done a factory reset and I've upgraded to 1.09 via CompactFlash.

    Any thoughts? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    - Festyx

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    Hi Festyx,

    The ambience, room size and wall type settings can make a lot of difference to the output.

    Check your cables are all plugged in and contacting for the tom/kd level issue.


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      I had the same concerns with the sound when I first got my TD-20. I figured out that the EQ was set to a "Flat" type setting. I had to go in and change the EQ settings. Its kind of difficult because some of the kits use the individual EQ and Compressor but some use the Master EQ and Compressor so you have to pay attention to which one to change. I just boosted the Low to +2, Mids to +3, Highs to +4 and it made it sound good and solved my problem.

      As far as the other problem, I'm not too sure. When I was first reading your post I was thinking a factory reset until I saw that you had tried that already. All I can think of is to double check the trigger settings (Sensitivity, Scan time etc.) and make sure they are set the same as the others and make sure the pad type is correct. A factory reset probably put everything back to stock but I would just check and make sure.

      Hope this helps.

      I highly recommend kits from V-Expressions.