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Can I Copy Presets On A TD12?

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  • Can I Copy Presets On A TD12?


    Does anybody know if you can copy one preset drum kit to anotjher on a TD12? I have a drum kit set the way I like it on Preset 1 and I want to move it to preset 2 so I can change a few settings on the toms but keeping the other drums from Preset 1 as I like. Any help on how to copy 1 kit to another preset would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Hey Vicki,

    See page 70 of your owners manual. In step 3, they show you how to select your copy source as either a PRESET kit or a USER kit. Since you said that you already tweaked a kit, that is a USER kit, not a PRESET kit. Preset kits are the factory presets and you cannot tweak them. You can only copy them to the USER kit area where they can be played and/or tweaked.

    Anyway, just select your tweaked kit as the copy source from the USER kit area, then select where you want to copy it to, then hit F5 to copy it.



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      That worked like a charm! Thanks so much!