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TD20 with FD8

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  • TD20 with FD8

    I purchased an FD8 to use with my SPDS (so I can use it as a small kit) and everything is working great.

    Today, just for "fun" I hooked up the FD8 to my TD20 to see what I could do with it. I can see how to get it to change kits, start/stop a pattern, etc, but the polarity seems to be backwards. It only does the intended function when I LIFT the pedal up.

    I cant seem to find anywhere to change the polarity of the pedal on the TD20?! Am I missing something?!...



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    I think that's to be expected with an FD-8 in the Foot Switch input of a TD-20 because it does have the opposite polarity from a foot switch like a DP-2 or FS-5U etc. But there's no Foot Switch Polarity setting on a TD-20 like there is on an SPD-S so that you can use an FD pedal in a Foot Switch input. A $13 DP-2 instead is probably the only practical solution.