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Are Ahead Aluminium drum sticks bad for V-Drums?

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  • Are Ahead Aluminium drum sticks bad for V-Drums?

    I don't know why, I but I want some Aluminium sticks because I just like metal.

    But I think I read that they were really bad for Electronic drums? Is the case? I don't know why they should be, after all, they have a nylon tip, so are no different in that regards to wood.

    Could someone confirm if they are a bad thing to use?


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    You reminded me I had an old pair of aluminum sticks. The ends are plastic. I guess I stopped playing them because they are fatter than what I normally use. I dug them out and tried them. They seem to have a little more bounce to them but other than that, no problem. I might give them a try for some variety.

    The only type stick I found I didn't like was the acrylic. They flexed too much and were unnatural. I felt that there was too much flex and they might cause wrist problems. I got them when I played "real" drums and they didn't work well on them either. They played real well on my couch... but I digress.

    Generally, if they work on acoustic drums, they work with the e's. Exception, wire brushes. The strands tend to get caught up in the mesh.
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      There is no danger in using them. (assuming there are no sharp parts or burrs) It is all a matter of feel.


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        Nope. I've used them for years. Just make sure the tips are glued on correctly.
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