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  • DPDZ-Dual-Zone

    Someone know if these dual pad are compatible with roland? we could even change the real head with mesh.


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    Yes, I have one and it is compatible with all of the Roland Modules (Note that some modules like the TD-8 only support dual piezo triggers on the snare and aux 11/12 inputs... It can still be used as a single zone pad on the other inputs however). They have two piezo triggers... one mounted in the center of the inside bottom of the plastic shell housing (for the rim trigger), and one mounted on a plate sandwiched between several layers of foam as the main trigger.

    - Ugly.


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      I've just ordered one so it can take place as a snare ony DM5 kit, and was also interested about replacing the skin with mesh. The guy in the shop I ordered it from (Digital Village$ saidnyou could replace it with any 8" skin or mesh, which makes it pretty damn good for the price!