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Headphones sound great, output sounds terrible

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  • Headphones sound great, output sounds terrible

    Hi. I've got a new TD20 (upgrade from td10/tdw1). I'm noticing several "oddities", that I think are just a matter of some tweaking, but I've tweaked and tweaked to no avail.

    First and most frustrating to me, the sound I get in the headphones is awesome. The same output to the mains sounds like crap. My description for it sounds like the triggers are overdriving the output level. Example: the VPro kit #1 kick drum sounds like an 8k "click" through the mains. It loses all tone, pitch, and reverb that I get in the phones. I'm using the Master out, but I've tried isolating the kick in DO1, and also tried just running the Phones output to the board -- all seem to result in the same flat, click.

    Second, I do some double-kick stuff (not well, mind you, but I try). Steady 16th's on the kick with some RC, SN, HH stuff on top. I am noticing that I am not getting the expression on the other pads when that kick is hammering away. For example, the RC seems to disappear altogether -- there's no "ping" cutting through. Also, I do some 16th triplets on the SN while the kick is going straight 16th's, and I seem to lose the definition of the snare sound and it comes out like a muted roll.

    Finally, there were some kick sounds on the TD10/TDW1 that I cannot seem to reproduce on my TD20 - "Room 4" kick sound in particular. Has anyone either (a) caputred td10 sounds to use on the td20, or (b) recreated any of the sounds from the td10 for the td20?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Just to add to the issue of the phones/mains issue, I see that I am not the only one to have run across this. There are quite a few posts, but none seem to end with a definitive "fix".

    Is there a huge difference between the td10exp and td20 Master output? I had much better results with the td10 sound through the same PA.

    I understand that the PA sound will not match the phones exactly, but the difference between the td10 and td20 in the same room, with same cables and same PA at the same levels is significant.

    Regarding my thought that the output is flooded, when I play at my normal level, the Trigger level on the 20 maxes out. Is that an issue that could be related to the sound? I considered that, but I would think that if the input was overloaded, I'd have crappy sound in the phones as well.

    Oh, and thanks for correcting my typo on the thread topic...whoever did that for me.


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      Master outs

      So do u go from the master outs to a mixer of some description? and if so does the mixer have a headphones out socket u can listen to so u can eliminate if it's the main outs or the difference in quality of your pa/speakers ?

      Tried a factory reset on the TD20?

      In my case i found that the headphone sound was superb but the sound through my bi amped studio monitors was only 6 out of 10, i go from main outs to a small mixer so i plugged my cans into that and compared them to plugging the cans into the headphone out on my TD12, the sound was equal qualilty so i knew that to that point in the chain it was fine and left the quality of my speakers as being less dynamic as headphones.

      I've had a TD3 TD6 and TD12 and they are certainly different beasts.
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        Yeah, I've read all of those posts, but as mentioned, my td10exp through the same setup (cabling, mixer, amp, speakers) sounded *much* better to the ear. More low end on the kicks, more "ping" in the ride, etc.

        I am going Master out (mono) to a single channel in the mixer. I've tried lowering my master out and raising the level at the mixer thinking that I was overdriving the level compared to the TD10. Same crappy sound.

        I'm headed in to try that now and see. I'm also going to try the DO's into 4 channels on the mixer (I can do that when the other guys are not around).

        I'll report my results.



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          Success! Well, sort of...

          I was messing around with the outputs and by dumb luck, I ran the kick DO into a channel on our crappy mixer that had the lows on the channel-EQ cranked. It sounded good! I flattened the channel-eq back and the crappy-kick returned.

          Sooooo... I am back to the Master out to a single channel on the board with the channel-eq set to achieve a tolerable sound through the speakers to my ears.

          I hope this means that once I get behind a real sound board that I can steal 8 channels for all of the DO's and let the FOH dude work his magic.

          Thanks for the input.