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Kick Pad Wear

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  • Kick Pad Wear

    Is this something to be concerned about? This is a pic of the foam inside the kick drum. Does show some wear. Anyone had to replace this thing?
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    Haven't opened mine to see, since it seems to be working fine. Maybe you could rotate the foam a bit to distribute the wear...


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      YIKES!!! I've had my kd-120 for about 6 years now and it looks nothing like that. I used it the first 2 years in a NU-Metal band with HEAVY double bass, and still have no wear like that. How tight is yer head? Are you using Remo Falam patches? or do you have giant feet?!


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        kick foam wear

        I have the same kind of wear on the foam on my kick. I do use Falam pads on the heads, but it seems to me the back side of the mesh head chews away at the foam underneath.

        The foam does not look to be user friendly in terms of replacement. It would be nice to hear from anyone who has experience solving this problem.


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          I use a Remo Falam patch on the kickdrum!
          And where the beaters hits the head I've put some cymbalfelts with superglue.
          Did not opened the pad but I am almost sure there is no wear.
          Roland TDW-20/HPD-15/ Korg Wavedrums/Vexpressions


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            Haven't opened mine yet, but I can't imagine it to be looking anything like that... My guess is that maybe your head is much too loose...? Not sure though.

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              Dude! That's some heavy wear & tear!! You know you have to put a head on the kick before you play it right (joke )? I'm thinking Stijn is on the right track- how tense do you have the head? I think I'll open my KD up and check out the condition inside.. hopefully it's nothing like that!!!
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                I think alot of it is because I didn't tighten the head much at first. Also I used a felt beater for a while the it flaked off and wore out the mesh head pretty quick.. probably worked into the felt also.... still using it every weekend and no problems so far..