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Upgraded from TD3 to TD8 and am confused about trigger types!

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  • Upgraded from TD3 to TD8 and am confused about trigger types!

    I have just got my TD8 and can immediatly tell how much better it is than the TD3.

    But I am a bit confused about which 'trigger types' to set against my TD3 pads.. I have all the manuals for my TD3 pads and it tells you how to set them on the TD8, and you would think this is fine, except the types that are listed are not actually on the TD8.

    The manual says:

    PD-8 : PD-6
    CY-8 : CY1
    KD-8 : KD7

    But unless I am missing something, PD6, CY1 and KD7 are not valid options on the TD-8.

    I have a PDX-8, CY-8, CY-5, KD-8 and PD-8 pads and simply don't know what to set them for.

    After playing around, they are all working and are set as follows, but I don't know if this is right:

    PDX-8 : 8RB
    KD-8 : K8
    PD-8 : PD7
    CY-5 : PD7
    CY-8 : 12B

    To be honest, no matter what I set them to, they seem to work.. I get rim shot and the sensitivity/volume seems OK.. So I don't actually know what setting them does.

    But I would be grateful if someone with a TD8 with any combinatoin of the PDX-8, KD-8, PD-8, CY-5 and CY-8 pads could tell me how theirs is setup?

    I look forwards to your replies.

    All the best


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    The penny has dropped.. This has everything to do with the 1.10 update!

    I just looked at the release log and can see that one of the features of 1.10 is the addition of 'new' pad types, specifically the PD6, CY1 and KD7, which are listed in the manual for my pads.

    My TD-8 has the old version (1.03) so as soon sa my USB->MIDI cable arrives, I will attempt the upgrade.