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Pads to start patterns?

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  • Pads to start patterns?

    Ok- I have followed the manual down to the letter yet I still cannot get a pad to start and stop patterns. It is working when I set the pad to switch kits, select patterns- etc. The footpedal works perfectly to start the pattern. Basically I have gotten the pads/patterns to do everything I want excpet start and stop when I strike the pads! Does anybody have any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong?

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    Go to the trigger setup of the pad that you want to start your pattern and turn pattern "on".


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      I have done that. I followed the manual's instructions on doing this and it still is not working. Something else is stopping the pad from performing it's function (yes- the pad is working and is sending signals to the TD-10).


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        I'll answer my own question- the problem was the local on/off switch which I had messed with when using MIDI functions.


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          Local Ctrl on/off is to on or off the connection between Trigger and Sound block. If it was "OFF" you'll get no sounds from any pad(unless you're connected both MIDI IN and OUT to some external MIDI device which happens to have MIDI Thru "ON")
          If Local Ctl is "ON" you'll get sounds, and the start stop should be working.
          So how exactly did Local On/Off fix your problem?



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            I can't say it's embarrassing....ha- it's exactly as you said- it was set to local off. Needed to set it to "on".