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Mixer/amp combo

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  • Mixer/amp combo

    Perhaps one of you may be able to help an issue I am having with the Mixer/Amp combo. It seams the new amp requires a somewhat generis line level input to drive it. My mixer has a 0 dB line level gain and with the gain all the way up on the amp and mixer my M:robe is just not sufficient to drive the amp to its rated output. The TD-6v can but again requires the amp's gains to be set rather high. Would I be better of getting a line level amp or just getting a mixer with some gain? I got this mixer specifically because it has digital effects and my band uses my PA for vocals and having the ability to add so Ecco or reverb to a specific channel is handy.

    Mackie m-1200
    Behringer DJX700
    TD-6v, (3x)CY-8, (4x)PD-8's (2x)PD-6's (1x)PD-80R (1)KD-8 http://www.cstoliker.com/Drums/