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How to check if my Td-7 module is expanded

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  • How to check if my Td-7 module is expanded

    How to I check to see if my roland Td-7 is expanded?
    Roland TD-8 Mod, DIY burgandy Mapex drums 12" snare, 8" 10" and 12" rack toms, 14" rack floor tom, 22" Bass drum , 3 cy-15r cymbals, one for the ride 2 for the crashes and cy-14c for hi hat.

    Songs i've recorded using my old TD-7

    My drum kit

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    I believe the TD-7 Turbo upgrade chip only had slightly improved triggering speed and sensitivity, and new kits but not sounds. One way would be to compare your TD-7 kits with the TD-7T Patch Listing (attached).

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