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Trouble deleting waves, patches on SPD-S

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  • Trouble deleting waves, patches on SPD-S

    Hi peeps!

    Im now in trouble again .

    I recently got a SPD-S and got into sampling some bits n pieces. Unfortunately Ive run out of memory having just done 1 sample.

    My question is:

    How do I make space? Ive tried deleting. I press wave, edit, go to wave delete, press enter - then i get the message wave protected. How can that be? It says for all waves, even the one I sampled

    Any help would be much appreciated..
    Thx boyz,

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    To switch off "Wave Protect", you need to hold down SETUP and WAVE whilst powering on. (And you can later toggle it back on in exactly the same way if you really want to.)

    See earlier comments about the restricted capacity of the internal memory: SPD-S Sample Issue

    You can "initialize" (clear) a patch with PATCH, EDIT, PATCH INIT (but that won't help with wave memory).

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      Bruce I wanna be like you, when I grow up! (Im 32 now heh)
      Thx buddy