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VH-11 or 12 and SPD-s

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  • VH-11 or 12 and SPD-s

    Is it possible to use the actual VH-11 or 12 pad in the traditional way when hooked to an SPD-S? Say one uses a Y cable (with 2 female ends opposite a male end) and plugs the HH and HHControl switch jacks into the female ends and then in turn plugs the male end into the Foot SW 1/2 jack on the SPD-S.
    Will the pad work when played with a stick (function like with my TD-12) or will it only function with the foot pedal? Hope this makes sense.


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    Hi Pasta,

    I don't think the SPD-S will do what you want;
    - the footswitch port is just for changing patches etc so I don't expect that it will work as a hihat controller....
    - the trigger port should allow you to use the VH11/12 pad as a trigger though (edge and bow)...

    You could do it with an SPD-20 though - then you could MIDI connect the -S and -20 together and have both padkit and sampling (for more $s of course)


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      Remember that when using a HiHat with the spd-s, regardless of the pad or pedal/footswitch controller, the spd-s will only play two sounds, Wave A and Wave B. You will not get all the full range sounds in between the open and closed positions, only the two wave sounds you assign.

      Knowing this, I would not worry about using a complex set up like the VH-12 as any pad will do.

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        Thanks Mr Stixx and sorry Pasta,

        I didn't realise the SPD-S had a proper hihat trigger port