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td 20 parts?

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  • td 20 parts?

    Does roland have a parts diagram and list that you can order just certain parts for the td20's? Also does anyone have problems with the head tension backing off. Be nice to have some of the lock nuts that the kick has on it to lock the head lugs.

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    No such diagram I am aware of. From what I gather based on other threads, Roland is not all that keen on making it easy to get parts. I think the most direct route to a solution would to check out a Loctite product made for non-permanent applications.


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      You know the more I learn about roland, the less I am liking the company. I do love the TD20's but I do think that they are overpriced. Especially since last night I took off the heads and used the ol dishwasher method. After seeing what is inside the toms.. not much. Now I have invested over 5 grand and I cant even get parts for them... come on!


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        i have received parts diagrams from Roland UK on a number of occassions no problems at all. You could try contacting Roland spares Dept.


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          Originally posted by stickinthemud View Post
          I think the most direct route to a solution would to check out a Loctite product made for non-permanent applications.
          I wouldn't recommend loctite, it leaves the threads gummed up. If you use a torque key ect you'll have problems. I would recommend you take one of your lug screws down to a local lowes, true value or such and purchase a nut to put on in place as a lock down, they're fairly inexpensive.
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            There's also these things (Select "Tension Rods, then select item #5131 - Lug Locks - Nylon - Pack of 10).


            I have not tried them personally, but the concept looks sound...
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