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Rotating High-Hat

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  • Rotating High-Hat

    I am having trouble with my VH-11 high-hat. The hat starts out correctly with the “Roland” insignia in the rear and the sensor in the front, but as I play, the hat rotates around to the point that I am hitting the “non-sensor” area. Anybody had this problem? How do I keep the hat from rotating?

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    Welcome to the forum. This is a not uncommon issue ... the search engine is your friend, but see these threads




    It mainly comes down to making sure you have tightened the central high hat rod - it may be spinning round rather then the pad, and using the cable ties provided to hold the cable tightly in place to then stop the pad from spinning


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      Thanks Swaledale! That did the trick. Actually I did search several times for this issue, but I was unable to come up with the links that you found. I guess my searching techniques need improving.
      I have been lurking here for a few months, but I finally bought a TD-12 kit, and-due to my high-hat issue-actually needed to make a post. But thanks for the "welcome".