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question about double pedal placement

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  • question about double pedal placement

    i was curious if anybody has experience with double pedals interfering with the left side of the rack,i have a td3 with standard rack supplied with it and p 122tw pearl pedals.Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    You may want to change the angle of you drums so they stick out more from the rack and you can pull everything closer to you. That will make the rack legs father away and less likey to interfere with your pedals.


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      By interference, what exactly is being interfered with? Do you mean placement of your slave pedal with the left vertical rack tube? Does that tube have horizontal leg support? If that is the problem, you could always consider extending the primary horizontal tube on the front of the rack to spread the legs out more. The one on my rack is 36" and I didn't have any issues. Gibraltar makes tubes (curved and straight) in all kinds of sizes.

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        Double Pedals and MDS-3C Rack

        This is not the friendliest rack for a traditional double pedal. I originally had a rack like this one and could use two KD-7 for double bass, but not very ergonomically. You might try playing with the angle of the rack feet (warning - be very careful when doing this - nothing freaked me out more than having to catch my whole set).

        Another option is to set it up in a less traditional way than shown on the Roland video and manual. Move things around to see if you can get the ergonomics of it better for you.
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