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SPD-S and RT-10K

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  • SPD-S and RT-10K


    I am new to this forum and to the wonders of Roland V-Drums after years of acoustic only drumming. I can't find the answer to my question so decided to add a new post.

    I have just got an SPD-S and an RT-10K kick trigger.
    The SPD-s is part of a hybrid acoustic-electro set up

    When I connect the kick trigger to the SPD-D it plays the standard factory set samples beautifully. The issue arises when I select the samples I have
    imported myself. The trigger does not recognise any of them

    any idea what I am doing wrong



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    I think you need to explain how far you have got with importing samples and what actually fails to work. Can the imported samples be played on the SPD-S at all?



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      thanks for the reply Bruce.

      OK, I have imported a variety of basic drum samples from a sample cd.
      I use Mac and have simply connected mini jack from mac audio to the SPD-D input. I followed the manual and the samples went into the roland fine.
      They play no problem at all. However if I put the kick trigger in it does not
      pick up any of these samples yet if I go to one of the presets the trigger plays them fine, it just wont play the samples I imported.

      I presume it's something to do with the set up on the sample. Do i need to select something to tell the trigger which pad to pick up when input ?



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        If you sampled in Wave Mode, perhaps you still need to assign the sample to the kick trigger by using PATCH, EDIT, WAVE A, kicking the pedal and then selecting the wave number for your sample?

        I don't think there's any possible reason why any sample wave would play from an internal pad but not from an external trigger; but have you set the trigger type to RT-7K for the RT-10K at SETUP, TRIGGER INPUT, Trigger Type?

        Depending on the format of samples on the CD, it may be easier and quicker to import up to 100 at a time on a Compact Flash card rather than sampling each one individually.



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          Hi Bruce,

          sorry for delayed reply

          I have sampled in patch mode not wave

          The kick trigger picks up the roland samples in patch but does not
          recognise my own. Is there a way to assign the kick trigger to a patch