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TD-8 Problems [bow/bell/edge]

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  • TD-8 Problems [bow/bell/edge]

    I just picked up a set of v-drums (TD8). I hooked everything up and it sounds like the polarity is backwards on the CY-8's. When I hit the cymbal I get a bell sound, the "r" shows up on the display and the "Rim" light lights up. When I try to "bell" the cymbal I get the "crash" sound. It happends with both my cy-8's. Any idea as to what this might be? I went from a TD-6 to this 8, and i never had a prob with the 6. I just wanted the mesh heads all around, and they came with the 8 set.

    BTW, I did call roland direct and they said to just make a custom set with the sounds that I want, but that doesn't really solve my prob. I'd have to adjust each set in the 64.

    Is there a cable problem? They are after market cables.

    Any help would be great.
    Thanks in advance,

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    It's not a cable problem; it's just the way it is with a TD-8 and CY-8s.

    The factory kits on a TD-8 were arranged for the original V-Custom kit which had PD-7 pads for cymbals, before V-Cymbals were available; so they were set with bell sounds on some rims. It will be necessary to set the sounds you want in all kits but that wouldn't take too long. For the ride, you may want to use a velocity switched RDX sound to get both bow and bell sounds from the bow zone, and an RDE sound for the edge. Crashes don't have bell sounds on any Roland module.

    Also see previous comments about V-Cymbal bow/bell/edge settings on a TD-8:

    td-8 bow/bell/edge issue

    TD-8 + CY8 bell triggering help needed

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      Thanks a ton for the quick reply! I am glad to "hear" that it's a "normal" issue with the TD-8, and not a bad board. I'll give it a go with custom sounds for the kits and I'll use your suggestions.

      And thank you for the links as well.



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        You're welcome. Unlike the TD-6, the TD-8 has the ability to copy an instrument (head and rim) from one kit to another (on the same trigger input). So if you set the cymbals once you could easily copy them to other kits where you wanted the same sounds by using KIT, MENU (F3), COPY, INST, TRIG SELECT, +/- for source kit, cursor down, +/- for destination kit, COPY (F3), EXEC (F3). It's quicker than it sounds!



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          Man... Thanks again Bruce!!

          You "kinda" answered my next question.... Which unit would you suggest with the CY-8's, the TD-6 or TD-8? I have access to each, and my lack of knowledge led me to believe that the "higher" number meant a "higher-end" unit. I bought the TD-8 set-up because it let me get rid of my rubber pads and go with all mesh, but the "brain" may not have been an upgrade.."???"

          I also read up on the links you gave me, and that gave me some great info as well. The steps will help me out!

          Your the man, Bruce!


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            The TD-8 should be better than the TD-6 because it has the same sound set but quite a few additional features. I also upgraded from a TD-6 to a TD-8 in the past, and I still can't bear to part with my TD-8.

            The TD-6V only had more recent kits and songs/patterns, and all of those could be created on the TD-8 (by converting kits with VDrumLib, and recording songs/patterns via MIDI).

            TD-6 vs TD-8



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              TD-8 is better than TD-6

              I agree with Bruce. The TD-8 is most definitely an upgrade from the TD-6 and it supports your CY-8 as a ride cymbal in every way that the TD-6 does and more.

              You are just being confused about the way the ride cymbals are configured on the factory kits since they take advantage of the CY-12RC Bow/Bell triggers. But, you can just as easily change that to be bow/edge just like the stock TD-6 kits. Here is a tutorial that I put together for VDrumLib which tries to explain the difference in the types of ride cymbals and the types of instrument voices available in BOTH the TD-8 and TD-6 to deal with the two types of ride cymbals:

              Also, as Bruce pointed out, you can always convert your TD-6 kits to be loaded into your TD-8 so that you get the exact same ride configuration. If you want, I can do this for you and post the .syx here. Additionally, I guess that I could also post a .syx of the stock TD-8 kits with all of the ride cymbals configured with RideX/Edge sounds for your CY-8. Just let me know and I'll go ahead and post them.



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                Too much help!! Thanks a ton guys! I'm going to check out the vdrumlib software. From the first quick glance of it, it looks promising. As far as .syx files go, that would be amazing. Don't go out of your way for this. I really appreciate it! I'm new to all this. I just like playing drums, I didn't realize the potential that these kits have.


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                  Okay, the attached .zip files below contain two different .syx files for your TD-8.

                  1. FactoryKitsRideX.syx contains all of the factory preset kits for the TD-8. But, I changed most of the rides to be CY-8 compatible using RideX sounds on the bow and RideE sounds on the edge. I didn't bother changing the weird special effects kits since they don't even use ride cymbal sounds anyway.

                  2. TD8_from_TD6SX_RideX.syx is made up of the first 64 kits from a TD-6V module converted so that they can be loaded into a TD-8


                  Attached Files


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                    I can't thank you enough! WAY above and beyond! I'm gonna give it a go this weekend and I'll let you know how it goes!

                    Thanks again,


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                      Thanks SD. I assume it's not necessary to do the "change ride bell" step for these?
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