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TD20 hi-hat randomly stops working properly

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  • TD20 hi-hat randomly stops working properly

    Hi all,

    I'm having an issue with my TD20 hi-hat (V12) recently where i'll be playing along with it fully closed and it will start playing as if I have it fully open Usually I just fix it by pulling out the hi-hat cables out the back of the module and it "resets" itself and i'm good for a few days.

    Today it's playing up again and I've tried everything I can think of: re-calibrating, adjusting the calibration manually from 0-100, unplugging and re-plugging hi-hat related cables, power-off / power-on and even a factory reset but it's still only playing an open hi-hat sound no matter what I do......


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    I was noticing a similar problem with the VH12 on our church's TD20s. Had to keep resetting the offset. Hmm...

    I would suggest trying to determine whether the problem is in the hi-hat or the module. If you have a local music shop that carries the TD20s, they might let you plug their VH12 into the module. If the problem persists, the module is most likely the culprit. If not, your VH12 would be.

    You might try switching out the cables, and double-check the short connector cable between the cymbal pads. Can't think why that would affect it, but anything's worth a try.


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      Hello stickinthemud, thanks for your reply. I could try taking the V12 to a local shop and testing it on another TD20 there but it happens so randomly knowing my luck I would be there a while!

      Yeah I checked the little cable that joins the hats together also but no joy. My though is that it's a faulty cable. I'll have a bit of a pull and tug (sorry not the best choice of words ) and see if anything happens.


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        Best of luck. Be sure to let us know when you get it figured out!


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          Same thing happened with mine. The dot on the top piece of the hi hat needs to line up with the bottom. They are little arrows.


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            Oh yeah, sure! Waltz in here an give a nice simple answer we should have been able to figure out from reading the manual! Now what fun is that?

            Just kidding.

            Seriously, thanks for that. It's often the obvious that escapes us.

            Doramuboy - does that fix it?


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              ...also are you using the VH-12 rotation stopper (clamp and holder), and if so is it mounted correctly?
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                Same thing happened to me, but like Pmh5 mentioned the top and bottom arrows need to be lined up. If the top hat rotates you will get the open sound, my top hat was rotating on me I simply clamped the top hat in place and turned it clockwise to tighten the rod, then line up the arrows and re-calibrate, all is well.
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