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corrupt TD-20 samples?

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  • corrupt TD-20 samples?

    Hi all,

    First post here, and I'm in need of some debugging help for it appears that the drummer in my band has broken his TD-20 machine and doesn't know what to do about it.

    A quick disclaimer: I'm not a drummer, I've never used this machine before and don't know much about it at all, so you may have to baby step me through some of the simple things like obtaining the firmware version and the like if it'll help debug this problem. I am however a computer programmer by trade, and full time geek, plus I have access to a full electronics debug lab with o-scopes, logic analyzers, fine pitch soldering stations and eeprom burners, and I'm not afraid of using any of them. I'm ready to tackle this problem down to any level of detail that it takes.

    Now onto the problem:

    It sounds like I've got corrupt sample data on the cymbals bank.
    I pulled the battery out so I'm starting off with a completely reset system. Nothing is attached to it other than a pair of headphones.
    After powering it up, the LCD displays Vpro and the LED display says 1, so without pressing any other buttons, I'm on the 1st drum in the 1st drum kit.

    If I hit the Preview pad, the drum sounds fine, at any velocity.
    If I page through the 1<-->15 buttons and hit the Preview pad, that samples 1-6 sound just fine. Samples 7-13 however, sound like, well, like a rocket blasting off. The volume is 5x higher than the other drum sounds, and they last 10x longer. It sounds like there are a ton of effects applied to the sample, like lots of reverb, and the the decay is long on the reverb setting that it crackles and overloads the outputs. Samples 14,15 again sound just fine.

    This same issues happens on ALL the drum kits. Samples 1-6 are fine, 7-13 are corrupt, and then it's ok at 14 and 15.

    So, the questions at first are, is there anything special about samples 7-13? Are they located in a particular bank of flash, or controlled differently somehow through the FX processor? To me it seems likely to be a single point of failure to have an effect such as this across the same bank of samples across all the drums, which is why I have a bit of hope that it can be fixed.

    Any ideas on what to try next?


    More experiments:
    It seems there's nothing magical about sample# 7-13, it's just the instrument group that those are assigned to.
    If I go into the instrument select menu, instruments 1-291 sound pretty good (I think there are some corrupt samples in there) but instrument 293 (14" p-hatHH) up through 383 (Mallet2 Rd) all sound corrupt. So is there any chance this these samples happen to be in a single bank of flash? Could it be that easy to just reflash or replace that eeprom?
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    Are you amping the kit? Are you listening to this directly through the module via headphones?
    I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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      I know you said that you removed the battery. I assume that you also put it back in. But, did it display a message upon power-up that said that memory was corrupted and that you have to perform a factory reset? If it didn't display that message, then you didn't really accomplish a factory reset.

      Anyway, you really should perform a real factory reset by pressing the [SETUP] button to get to the setup screen, then choose the "F RESET" option by pressing the [F5] button. Then just follow the prompts.

      After you do the factory reset, then give it a try and let us know what happened.



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        Did the factory reset, no change to the corrupt sounds.
        and yeah, I put the battery back in .

        I canceled out of the "setup" section after the factory reset-I'm assuming that's all for the triggers and such anyway.

        JmanWord - just headphones are attached to the unit. (and the power cord obviously!) No amps.

        I've tried turning off every effect and EQ and everything else I can find just to isolate it down, but there's no change to the sound itself.

        It's definitely individual sounds that are hosed- #330 Mallet Cr" sounds great at any velocity. #331 6" splazhspBw sounds bad. #332 6" splazhspEg sounds fine!? #333-335 are corrupt, #336 is ok... The sounds coming out are definitely digital distortion sounding. Actually, they kinda remind me of Yars revenge on the Atari 2600, but not in a good way.

        This is getting weirder and weirder the more I explore it.

        thanks for your input guys-keep it coming!
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          Well, not sure if a firmware upgrade will also update the sound samples, but it might be worth a try. You can download the update from the following link (Click the "Downloads" tab and then choose the compact flash version -- MIDI is just too damn slow)

          Anyway, you need to have a compact flash card that is no larger than 512MB and no smaller than 16MB. You also need to format the card on the TD-20, first. Then, just follow the instructions included in the readme file that is included in the .zip file. If that isn't clear, try searching the forum for "firmware upgrade". You should be able to find plenty of posts on the subject.



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            Originally posted by SiliconDrummer View Post
            Well, not sure if a firmware upgrade will also update the sound samples, but it might be worth a try.
            thanks for the link. I'll give that a shot tonight when I get home.

            If that doesn't update the samples, does anyone know of a way to do that, or to raw dump them, so I can see which ones are corrupt? This could end up being an easy fix if it's just some bad sample data, and if they are stored on eeprom. I should also take a look at the address/data lines on all the eeproms to see if there is a pin shorted. Anyone know which parts the sample data is stored on?


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              sigh. I had high hopes for this too.

              well, I've upgraded from 1.08 to 1.09 now, but no change to the sounds.
              It appears that the same ones that were corrupt are still corrupt, like
              #330 is fine, #331 is bad, #332 is fine, #333-335 are bad, etc.

              So anyone know which chips hold the sample data?
              I can't imagine that a 4mb firmware change also updated all the samples themselves can it?