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PDX-8 too bouncy

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  • PDX-8 too bouncy

    I have had my TD3 for a few weeks and am really happy. Although, as I am getting better, I am realising how much different (phyiscally and accoustically it is from a 'real' kit).

    I am currently taking lessons and am learning on an accoustic kit and last night when I got home, I started to notice that I was getting 'double hits' on the snare.

    If I play slow and deliberatly, then I generally get one beat, especially if I snap the stick away after hitting the drum.. But as I speed up, I am starting to notice that its triggering twice (or more). I am currently learning a 'left hand independance' rythm, which requires me to hit the snare twice in succession and its during this time that instead of getting 2 beats, I can actually hear a 'blurr'... I know that a lot of its is down to technique, as this rythm is so alien to me, that I know I am not hitting the drum quite right.. But on the accoustic kit, I don't get this 'bounce'

    I don't think that its a triggering problem.. I think that I am simply hitting the drum twice.. I don't know if this is caused by bad technique, or because the skin is too tight (or loose) and I don't know what to do about it.

    Can somoene help me?? Should I:

    1. Concentrate on my technique.. Perhaps practice do some exercises to help me manage this.
    2. Loosen the mesh
    3. Tighten the mesh
    4. Play around with the settings to see if I can stop it triggering on the 2nd hit (I don't think that this is the right way to go, but thought I would suggest it)

    I look forwards to hearing from you


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    Well, I think generally acoustic and electric require a little different tecnique to play especially as you get into more complex beats. I think you just need to find a different way of playing on the electric from the acoustic. If you do this double hit fine on the acoustic then you should be fine in doing it on the electric too, just keep in mind that not as many possibilities for different sounds are there with the TD3 as opposed to say the TD20s. If you are getting more beats than you want to hear then you could try turning the sensitivity down a bit then only your harder strokes will sound.

    I dont think there is a fixed answer in regards to tightening the skin, as some drummers like loose and some like it tightened to the max. Generally with the electric kits though id say stay with a tighter skin and just learn to not hit the drum as hard as an acoustic and let the stick bounce, then you shouldn't be hitting the skin when you dont intend too. Good luck.


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      Be careful that you don't try and compensate for lack of technique by trying to tweak the sensitivity, sounds, etc on your electronic kit. Once you've developed proper technique you can move between acoustic and electronic sets with minor tweaks.

      As for the PDX-8, I agree it seems a bit too bouncy to me. I just replaced mine with a PD-105BK. Good luck!

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        Originally posted by almazza View Post
        Be careful that you don't try and compensate for lack of technique
        Quote of the Day (tm)