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TD6 Snare vs TD9 Snare

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  • TD6 Snare vs TD9 Snare


    I have the Rowland TD6, but now my lessons are really coming along and one of the new tricks I've learnt is the rim clicks. But my TD6 doesn't do this ( I have the orginal model). What I wanted to know is, can I buy the newer snare (larger, white and with rim click option) can I plug and play this into my TD6. Will it work?

    Any advice would be great........

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    What pad are you currently using? It should just be a matter of choosing the right setting... If the module can do rim clicks, then you shouldn't need to upgrade the pad, merely select the right trigger mode.
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      Ahh but I have the original TD6 so my snare pad doesn't do rim clicks.....hence I want to buy the new snare pad that does. But wanted to know if my module would recognise it. Does that make sense?


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        Do you still have a PD-6 single trigger rubber pad for your snare? If so, then you're correct - because it is a single trigger, it will only do head shots - no cross sticking rim clicks or rim shots.

        You'll ned to upgrade to a double trigger pad such as the rubber PD-8 or upgrade to a mesh head PD-80R (old model off ebay) or one of the new 8" mesh pads such as the PD-85 or PDX-8 or the much bigger 12" PD-125 or 10" PD-105.

        I can confirm this will work because I used a PD80R and a PD-85 as my snare on the old first version blue TD-6 module. You just have to go into the settings and select the new pad you intend to use.

        Hope this helps. Stu.


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          The PD-120 will also work (I used one with the old blue TD-6). They are no longer manufactured, but typically sell for $170-200 on ebay. You may occasionally also see a dual-zone PD-100 (I'm not sure if any were manufactured this way or if they were modded. It's a fairly simple mod - check out the DIY forum). Good luck!
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            Fantastic advice thanks! Girls and technology eh!


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              The original PD-100s were only single trigger so a dual one will be a mod. However, this is nothing to worry about as Roland used the same jack connector and pcb as the PD-120, so they even provided somewhere to solder the new piezo to, very simple mod indeed!


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                The only other thing to add is that if you want cross-stick sounds in addition to rim shot sounds you will need to select a snare rim from the sound bank that will give cross-sticks... check your manual (p120) and look for XS after the snare sound as these are the only ones that will give a cross-stick sound (e.g 213 Jazz XS). There are only a few settings on the TD-6 that will do this. The rim sound on these XS settings is velocity sensitive, so light hits give a cross-stick sound but harder hits will trigger a rim sound.

                One of my first upgrades on my old blue td-6 was a PD-85 for the snare, but I quickly upgraded that to a PD-125. The larger pad was much more comfortable and I generally find that rim and cross-stick triggering is more consistent on the larger pad.