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td-6v midi issues

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  • td-6v midi issues

    Hey guys- I'm new to this forum and did a little searching about for this issue but no dice. Any help would be appreciated.

    My setup is as follows:

    td-6v MIDI out --> lexicon lambda usb interface --> cubase le

    cubase le --> lexicon lambda --> td-6v MIDI in

    I've been able to record a midi track from the kit into cubase; however, when I hit play in cubase I want my td-6v to play back the incoming data.

    My ultimate goal was to be able to record a drum track via midi, copy that midi multiple times and create a midi track for each drum, then use the td-6v's 1/4" outputs to record that into cubase so I can do EQ'ing and processing on each individual drum.

    My MIDI settings in the brain are as follows:

    Note Chase: On
    Local Control: Off
    Sync Mode: INT
    Ch10Priority: Kit
    Pd1DataThin: 1
    GM Mode: Off
    RX GM On: On
    Soft Thru: Off
    TC PC Sw: ON
    RX PC Sw: ON

    To try to narrow down the problem, I tried the exact same setup as above with my keyboard and when I record a midi keyboard track then play it back through cubase, the keyboard sounds.

    I'm probably missing something dumb/small but any help will be appreciated.

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    I think you may just need to set the output channel to 10 in Cubase. (Keyboards are often set to receive on channel 1 or all channels.)



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      thanks for posting bart.

      i double checked all of my settings in cubase, and i do indeed have the track set to channel 10. i e-mailed roland's tech support and all they said was that the brain's default channel is 10 (which we already knew :P)...

      i've attached a snapshot of what my cubase screen looks like. i'm getting midi data in (as you can see), but when i hit play nothing happens.

      hopefully the picture will point out something stupid i did thats easily fixable
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        Try changing the Sync Mode to EXT


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          unfortunately that didn't work either- I tried all the combinations with both the cubase settings and the td6...

          does anyone know if there's a diagnostic tool to see if all of the ports on the td6 are functioning correctly? i even did a factory reset and tried everything again- still no dice.


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            Have you ever uploaded a Kit to your TD6V via SysEx? SysEx doesnt send over a midi channel, so it should at least test that your midi out of your computer is working going into your TD6V.


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              How about SETUP, MIDI PART and check that KitPart is set to Channel 10?

              One way to test (with LocalControl OFF) is to connect a MIDI cable from the module's MIDI Out to the module's MIDI In.